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Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer for Clinical Sandtray Training

This is a course for therapists who have successfully completed Levels 1-4 of TSTA approved trainings and who are considering teaching the levels in the future. This is a required course if you would like to become a TSTA Certified Trainer. Credit Hours: 6 Live Webinar hours (1 day)

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify your personal training style and how to use your strengths when training sandtray play therapy.

  2. Discuss the materials and space needed for sandtray play therapy training.

  3. List the requirements for offering continuing education units. 

  4. Discuss and plan how to cover all TSTA required topics, regarding sandtray play therapy, within the levels.

  5. List the different learning styles and how to engage all participants in sandtray play therapy training sessions.

  6. Identify at least 4 ways to manage conflict or activation during sandtray play therapy trainings.

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