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I absolutely enjoy the process of sharing information and engaging in professional conversations regarding the mental health profession. With today’s busy pace, choosing how we spend our professional development time is vital to rejuvenating our energy and lifting our clinical skills.

Presentations are available upon request to faculty, staff, academic courses and professional organizations and may be tailored to meet the unique needs or interests of your requesting group or organization. To ensure the success of your program, please submit your request at least four weeks prior to the presentation date.


Explore my available workshops and presentations or make a request. I am happy to personalize a program for your organization.


  • Sandtray Use in Counseling

  • Finding the “point” of Play Therapy

  • Co-transference and Counter-transference in Play Therapy and Sandtray

  • Is Sandtray the Right Play Therapy Technique for Your Practice?

  • The Different Perspectives of Sandtray…Client, Parent, Therapist

  • The Group Aspect of Sandtray

  • The Secret Life of Symbols in Play Therapy and Sandtray

  • Documentation in the World of Sandtray and Play Therapy

  • Case Consulting in Your Play Therapy and Sandtray Practice

  • On the Other Side of the Tray: What to do once the world is built in sandtray play therapy

  • What are those miniatures trying to say in your play therapy practice?

  • Resistant Client or Part of the Process? The Interesting Journey of Sandtray & Play Therapy

  • Stay Close to the Tray in Sandtray Play Therapy


  • Using Sandtray Techniques in a School Setting

  • Time Management & Self-Care

  • Team Building and Supporting Each Other: Experiences that Teach

  • How Individual and Group Sandtray can be an effective part of a comprehensive school guidance & counseling program

  • Group Sandtray for the School Counselor

  • Sandtray in the Education System



  • HIPAA & Ethics Training for Mental Health Fields

  • Getting and Staying Compliant with the Most Recent HIPAA Laws

  • Using the LPC Rules to Keep You and Your Supervisees on Track

  • Hot Topics for Starting Your Private Practice in Mental Health

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