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Supervision is an important part of a professional counselor’s journey. After working hard in school, taking tests, and completing all of your academic requirements, it is time to find someone who can support you in putting all you have learned to good practice! 

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           PLAY THERAPY 
            VOLUME 14, ISSUE 3 • SEPTEMBER 2019 TM


To be licensed as a Licensed Professional Counselor-Associate, (LPC-Associate), you must document that you have found a supervisor and who that person will be. All of this information is reported to the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors, (LPC Board). The internship typically lasts 18 months – 5 years, depending on how quickly you acquire hours. There is a lot to know about this time of your professional journey. 




I am so aware of how powerful supervision can be. It can be life changing if it is strong and supportive and professionally defeating and draining if not. It is my job as a supervisor to help you assess your strengths as well as areas of desired and needed growth. Providing support and guidance within a trusting professional relationship is key. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, (State of Texas) and a Registered Play Therapists Supervisor, (Association of Play Therapy). 

Focus of Supervision


This is a time to focus on preparing to become the absolute best possible professional counselor that you were meant to be. We look at the LPC rules, ethical situations, building a business, clinical skills, and so much more! The goal is to build professional confidence and competence while providing effective and caring counseling experiences to your clients.





During this process, the focus is on building play therapy skills, experience, and ethics. We focus on the many ways to use play therapy techniques to help our clients connect to the therapeutic process and express themselves in a way that expands beyond the use of words. 





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