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The Use of Sandtray Play Therapy in Identifying
and Processing Trauma

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In this workshop, participants will have numerous opportunities to develop specific skills in working with clients who are recovering from trauma. The focus will be on how to support the client’s work, while taking care of the therapeutic relationship along the way. Participants will use individual sandtrays to practice and refine skills. This is a TSTA qualified Level 9 course. 

Prerequisites 1-4
12 contact hours / 2 days

Learning Objectives

Participants will: 

  1. List 5 indicators that trauma is significantly affecting a person’s life.

  2. Describe the DSM-IV definition of a PTSD trauma.

  3. Identify at least 5 ways in which play therapy supports trauma recovery.

  4. Discuss the primary goal of trauma therapy.

  5. Identify and discuss the 3 meta themes associated with trauma work in the sandtray play therapy process.

  6. Consider the benefits of using sandtray play therapy with trauma survivors concerning the therapeutic relationship. 

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