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Utilizing Sandtray Play Therapy with Families & Couples

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This workshop includes discussion of advanced professional considerations regarding the use of sandtray play therapy with couples and families. Each participant has an individual sandtray for practice exercises and for creating individual sandtray worlds.


Prerequisites: Levels 1 - 5 
(12 contact hours/2 days)

Workshop Goals

The workshops will help participants: 

  1. List 3 benefits of introducing play within a family system. 

  2. Identify new techniques for working with couples and  families in sandtray play therapy. 

  3. Describe 4 considerations when assessing if play therapy is appropriate for specific couples. 

  4. Discuss relational skills that can be assessed when using  sandtray play therapy with couples and families.  

  5. List 5 steps for de-escalation in a therapy session. 

  6. Demonstrate the therapeutic skills for facilitating sandtray  play therapy in the context of couples and family work.  

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