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Exploring the Adult Experience in Sandtray Play Therapy

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In this workshop, participants identify and discuss the unique experiences of adults working in sandtray and play therapy. There are opportunities to create sandtrays in the presence of an observer (workshop partner) and to practice skills using the symbolic language of play.


Prerequisites: Level 1 - 4
(12 contact hours/2 days) 

Learning Objectives

  1. List 4 potential therapeutic benefits when using sandtray or play therapy with adults. 

  2. Compare the difference between children and adults with regard to sandtray in a play therapy context. 

  3. Identify and explain 5 reasons why sandtray and play therapy contributes to positive outcomes with adults. 

  4. Describe and discuss 3 therapeutic goals that can be accomplished with using sandtray or play therapy with adults.

  5. List 3 ways that play therapy and sandtray can help foster adaptive behaviors in adults. 

  6. Identify potential solutions to resistance challenges when using sandtray in the play therapy setting. 

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