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The Unique Process of Group Sandtray & Play Therapy

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This workshop focuses on the unique process of providing play therapy and sandtray therapy in a group setting. Participants will practice group facilitation skills through experiential and informative learning while focusing on group stages, specific challenges in group play therapy, and strengthening facilitation skills. This course qualifies for Level Five by TSTA.


Pre-requisites: Completion of Levels 1-4.  

Learning Objectives

Participants will: 

  1. Identify and discuss the differences between individual and group sandtray and play therapy. 

  2. List the stages of groups. 

  3. Identify the unique challenge of consent, limitations of confidentiality, and documentation as it pertains to play therapy and sandtray group. 

  4. Describe the benefits and therapeutic gifts that can come from choosing group therapy, with specific focus on play therapy and sandtray. 

  5. Observe a sandtray play therapy group, identifying and discussing challenges and solutions in the sandtray play therapy group setting. 

  6. Create and list new ideas and activities to use in their own practice when choosing to offer play therapy and sandtray groups. 

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