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Advanced Clinical Skills in Sandtray & Play Therapy

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This workshop includes discussion of advanced professional considerations related to the neurobiology, somatic processing, authenticity, and ethical issues of sandtray play therapy. Participants refine and integrate therapeutic skills through hands-on practice with workshop partners. Each participant has an individual sandtray for practice exercises and for creating individual sandtray worlds.

Prerequisites: Levels 1, 2, & 3
(12 contact hours/2 days)

Learning Objectives

The workshops will help participants: 

  1. Identify elements found in an effective, high-quality environment for sandtray and play therapy. 

  2. Discuss the interpersonal, neurobiological processes related to sandtray and play therapy. 

  3. Identify and discuss the role authenticity plays in accomplishing positive therapeutic outcomes. 

  4. Describe observable somatic indicators of fight, flight, & freeze during sandtray and play therapy sessions. 

  5. Discuss and explore 6 ethical principles of play therapy. 

  6. List steps required for becoming a Certified Clinical Sandtray Therapist & how to use TSTA Best Practices for sandtray play therapy. 

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