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The Symbolic Integration of Sandtray & Play Therapy
Using a Professional Perspective

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In this workshop, participants have numerous opportunities to develop specific skills in working with the language of sandtray and play therapy. Therapists use exercises to learn when and how to translate play language into verbal language. Symbolism, Archetypes, and Cultural Influences will be the main focus as we explore the language of play therapy. 

Prerequisites: Levels 1 and 2.  
(12 contact hours/2 days) 

Learning Objectives

  1. Apply therapeutic skills in facilitating sandtray in play therapy sessions. 

  2. Discuss at least 3 different theoretical perspectives applicable in the sandtray and play therapy process.

  3. Identify how cultural influences may affect archetype meanings. 

  4. Discuss Benedict's Play Themes as they relate to the work of play therapy and sandtray.

  5. Describe potential barriers to adult play processes in sandtray therapy play therapy.

  6. Identify and practice advance processing and reflecting skills in sandtray play therapy. 

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