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Basic Clinical Skills & Theory in Witnessing Sandtray work in Play Therapy

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In this workshop, participants discuss and work with symbolic meaning and basic theoretical ideas. There are opportunities to create sandtrays in the presence of an observer (workshop partner) and to practice skills using the symbolic language of play. Participants also explore the core issues of play therapy in the sandtray process.  

Prerequisites: Level 1.  
(12 contact hours/2 days) 

Learning Objectives

  1. Apply therapeutic skills in facilitating sandtray in the context of play therapy. 

  2. Identify the important reasons for attunement with the client during play therapy.  

  3. Identify therapeutic skills needed as witness in the therapy process.  

  4. Read and discuss the APT Best Practices of documentation in play therapy and how it can be accomplished in sandtray.

  5. Discuss and explain the influence of the therapist on interpersonal neurobiology in the therapeutic process during play therapy and sandtray. 

  6. Identify attachment challenges and learn therapeutic approaches to increase positive outcomes.

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