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The Processing of Grief, Utilizing Sandtray  Play Therapy

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In this workshop, participants will have numerous opportunities to develop specific skills in working with clients who are moving through current or past grief or loss. The focus will be on how to support the client’s work during this process. Participants will use individual sandtrays to practice and refine sandtray play therapy skills. This is a TSTA qualified Level 10 course. 

Prerequisites 1-4
12 contact hours / 2 days

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  1. Identify how the Kubler-Ross Grief Cycle fits into the play therapy model.

  2. Define Traumatic Grief and how that might be processed in sandtray play therapy.

  3. Identify at least 6 situations where sandtray play therapy grief work can enhance the grieving process.

  4. Discuss the ways that sandtray play therapy can help support the 5 different types of grieving styles.

  5. List the 4 support areas that can be effectively explored in the sandtray play therapy process during the grieving process.

  6. Name an existential support that can be explored in sandtray play therapy. 

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