Basic Tools & Methods for Experiencing Sandtray in Play Therapy

This is an introduction course for mental health professionals interested in how sandtray can enhance their play therapy practice for work with both children and adults. Participants explore the various elements of the sandtray process, in the context of play therapy, through hands-on exercises with miniature figurines and sandtrays. In this workshop, therapists use individual sandtrays to practice and refine basic skills. Prior knowledge of play therapy and sandtray is helpful, but not necessary. This is a TSTA qualified Level 1 course.  (12 contact hours/2 days) 

Learning Objectives

  1.  Learn about and discuss important influencers on the development of play therapy and sandtray therapy.

  2.  Evaluate the challenges and benefits of providing play therapy and sandtray to clients.  

  3.  Explore the multi-cultural aspects of sandtray and play therapy.

  4.  Learn to create a "free and protected" space for all clients.

  5.  Understand the therapeutic process of building rapport with clients involved in play therapy and sandtray.

  6.  Practice the play therapy process of building and witnessing sandtrays.

  7.  Will consider the neurobiology processes and benefits regarding the use of sandtray and play therapy with clients.